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Study finds teen girl drivers more distracted than boys

A new study reveals that teenage girls are more likely than boys to use cell phones and other electronic devices while driving, putting them and others at risk of serious injuries in car accidents.

The study, conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, was based on video footage gathered by researchers at the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. Texting while driving was the top distraction, followed by eating and drinking, personal grooming and fiddling with the vehicle controls.

As personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, we at Flager & Associates, P.C. have represented people injured in car accidents due to distracted driving. It’s heartbreaking to see what victims and families experience due to the negligence of others.

While the new study focuses on teen driving behavior, our accident attorneys in Pennsylvania know that young people are not always to blame for car crashes. We have seen how distracted drivers, young and old, can be responsible for serious car accidents in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

Researchers found that teenage females were nearly 10 percent more likely to become distracted while driving than boys. They were nearly 50 percent more likely to reach for something than boys, and nearly 25 percent more likely to eat or drink while driving than boys.

Boys, however, were about twice as likely as girls to become distracted and look behind them and were also more likely to talk with people outside of the car.

The AAA study also examined how teens act when they have peers in the car vs. how they behave when driving alone. With friends in the car, they are more likely to horse around while driving. When driving alone, the teens were likely to use mobile devices.

It’s important for parents to speak with their teenage drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. Parents or guardians may want to restrict the number of passengers to one, which can cut down on boisterous behavior.

Earlier studies found that texting while driving increases the chance of a car accident by 23 times compared to someone who is not texting. While even experienced drivers should not text behind the wheel, inexperienced drivers like teenagers who send or receive text messages may be at an even higher risk for a serious accident.

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