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This Holiday, Talk To Your Teen About Driver Safety

Dec 2012

This holiday season, you may be anticipating a visit from your children who are coming home from college or you may be excited about spending some quality time with kids who are usually busy with school, sports and social life. Since the holiday season provides a chance for families to spend uninterrupted time together, it also provides an opportunity for you to talk to your kids about important safety issues.

Our Trevose accident attorneys strongly urge you to take just a few minutes when you are with your kids this holiday season to discuss the dangers of teen driving. By sitting down with your kids, going over the risks and setting some ground rules, you could potentially help to keep your children safe and also help to protect other drivers who may be in danger of harm if your kids cause a crash.

Why Talk To Your Kids About Teen Driving Risks

While it may not seem like a fun discussion to have over the holidays, the fact is that teenagers who drive are in grave danger of becoming involved in a crash that causes injury or death. Looking at some key statistics summarized in US News and World Report on teen driving makes clear that this is an issue that needs to be discussed. According to US News and World Report:

  • Car wrecks are the top cause of death for teens.
  • Teens are three times as likely as other drivers to be in a fatal crash.
  • First year teen drivers are at the greatest risk of being in a fatal accident.

With statistics like these, you may wonder if a conversation about teen driving will really make a difference. The fact is that it can. In fact, according to a State Farm survey reported in US News and World Report, parental involvement can make a big difference. Teens who report that their parents set driving rules and provide support are about half as likely to be involved in a car accident than those whose parents are less engaged with setting safe driving rules.

Further, many of the behaviors that put your teen at risk are preventable. A 2010 report produced with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, for example, determined that more than half of all teen drivers involved in a fatal crash were going too fast at the time of the wreck. Further, almost four out of ten teen drivers in fatal wrecks had a BAC of at least .01 percent.

Talking to Your Teen About Safe Driving

To help your teenager stay safe, there are a few key things to discuss when you talk about safe driving. Some points you will want to bring up include:

  • The dangers of driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • The risks of driving when texting, talking on a cell phone or otherwise engaging in distracted behaviors
  • The dangers of driving when you are too tired.
  • The dangers of speeding.
  • The risks of tailgating and other aggressive driving behavior.

If you take the time to discuss these and other issues with your teenager, you can hopefully help to avoid disaster not just for your teen but also for passengers and for other drivers who are sharing the road with your son or daughter.

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