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Ad Campaign Aims to Reduce Philly Pedestrian & Bike Accidents

Mar 2013

As the weather gets warmer in Philadelphia and throughout Bucks County, many more people will decide to go out for a walk or a bike ride. Some people take advantage of the warmer summer months to ride their bikes to work or to do errands, swapping out the bike for the car as their transport-of-choice whenever possible. Others will bike or walk just for fun.

Unfortunately, with more bike riders and more pedestrians on the road, the chances of a deadly accident increase. This is because drivers often are at a loss for how to be safe in sharing the roads with bikers (or, to a lesser extent, pedestrians). Our Philadelphia accident attorneys know that drivers have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care to avoid injuring a bike rider. Now, a new ad campaign aims to remind drivers of this obligation.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Ad Campaign

According to an article in the Philadelphia Business Journal at the end of February 2013, a new ad campaign was launched to try to reduce the number of pedestrians and bike riders killed in crashes.

The ad campaign is described as “in your face,” because it takes an aggressive stance towards informing drivers of the dangers of their actions and towards reminding drivers that they have an obligation not to hurt their fellow travelers on the road.

One example of an ad prepared as part of the campaign involves the use of the traditional pedestrian road sign/indicator. However, text is added to say “Thank You For Not Running Pedestrians Over.”

The message is a blunt one and hopefully when people see it, they will think twice about making a risky driving choice that could lead to the death or injury of a pedestrian or bike rider.

Other messages warn of the dangers of using cell phones and of various other risks that make bike or pedestrian accidents more likely. The new ads are part of a broader campaign launched by Mayor Michael Nutter’s Office of Transportation and Utilities, which is dubbed “Not Rocket Science.”

The ads, as part of the “Not Rocket Science Campaign” are expected to be visible on transit cars; the windows of buses; and in more than 750 bus shelters.

Staying Safe from Bicycle Accidents

The ad campaign on bicycle safety is very important because it is drawing attention to the dangers faced by bike riders and because it is making drivers think. Drivers are often responsible for bike accidents because they don’t pay attention and don’t see the bike riders; because they misjudge the speed of the bike riders; because they don’t yield the right-of-way or because they simply do not know how to be safe when they are near a bicycle rider on a road.

Drivers who don’t understand how to share the road or who engage in other dangerous or negligent behavior could find themselves held responsible for the injuries caused to a bike rider. As such, drivers should pay careful attention to bike riders and to obey all driving laws related to safely interacting with bicyclists.

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