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Speed Remains Leading Cause of Philly Traffic Accidents

Sep 2013

Car accident lawyers in Bucks County know that speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the United States. Unfortunately, speeding increases the chance of a driver losing control of the vehicle. Speeding also extends the distance that it takes a vehicle to stop after hitting the brakes, making it more likely that a collision will occur. 

As if the increased chance of an accident isn’t bad enough, speeding also makes it more likely that an accident will cause serious or fatal injury. The greater the speed a vehicle is traveling when it strikes another object or another vehicle, the greater the force and momentum and the stronger the impact of the crash.  The devastating consequences of this basic rule of physics can be seen in a recent Main Line crash.

Speeding Can Cause Deadly Accidents

According to NBC Philadelphia, two men traveling on Remington Road in Montgomery County, PA  in early September were involved in a fatal traffic collision at approximately 9:45 p.m.  The men were in a 2005 Acura TL when the car crashed into a tree. The men were thrown from the vehicle and were pronounced dead from their injuries at the scene of the accident.

While police report that it is not clear which of the two men was driving, they also indicate that the crash appears to have resulted from the vehicle traveling at excessive speeds. The speed likely caused the vehicle to lose control. It then slammed into a large tree before continuing and hitting a stone wall.

The vehicle collided with the tree with so much force that the car actually split into two pieces.

While this was an especially dramatic example of the type of devastating crash that can happen when traveling at an excessive speed, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that speeding is one of the top reasons for car accidents in the United States.  In fact, statistics show that speeding was a contributing factor in as many as 31 percent of all fatal car crashes in 2007 and 13,040 people lost their lives in speeding-related accidents over the course of that year.

The NHTSA identifies several reasons why speeding causes so many accidents, including the fact that excess speed makes it hard for motorists to safely navigate curves or to steer around obstacles in the roadway.

The NHTSA also indicates that certain motorists are more likely to speed than others and are more likely to die in speeding-related wrecks. In fact, the men killed in this recent crash were just 25 and 22, which means they fall into the demographic group most likely to be killed in speeding-related collisions: young men.

Unfortunately, this accident is a tragic reminder of the tremendous costs of speeding collisions. Thousands of lives are taken every year because drivers choose to go too fast and every driver needs to make a commitment to slow down and stay within limits to make the roads a little safer.

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