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Drivers in Philadelphia are Among the Worst of All Cities

Sep 2014

475782001A personal injury lawyer familiar with the area can tell you that Philadelphia is not known for safe drivers. Allstate’s 2014 America’s Best Drivers Report shows just how bad things are in the city. Out of 200 cities ranked by the insurance company, Philadelphia was the 192nd safest. Drivers in Philadelphia can expect to go an average of 6.2 years between motor vehicle collisions and the relative likelihood of a collision occurring in the city is 61.2 percent higher than the national average.

Philadelphia Is One of the Most Dangerous Cities

Philadelphia has become less safe since the 2013 America’s Best Drivers report. In last year’s report, the city was the 189th safest city out of 200 that were ranked. This year, the city fell down three spots. The average of 6.2 years per accidents in Philly was significantly worse than the 14.2 average years between accidents in Fort Collins, CO which is the safest city in the country.

This report is not the first one to recognize how dangerous the streets of Philadelphia area. Just this past May, Philly Mag indicated that Philadelphia was the 34th most dangerous U.S. city in the United States for pedestrians. Between 2003 and 2012, there were 959 pedestrians killed in Philadelphia. The rate of pedestrian deaths in the city was 1.59 pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 people. The only nearby city that was less safe for people to walk in was Baltimore. Boston (which is the most dangerous large city for drivers according to Allstate’s report) was considered safer for pedestrians, as were New York, Hartford, Providence and Pittsburgh.

There are a lot of reasons why Philadelphia may not be a very safe place to walk or to drive. One problem is that Philadelphia officials may not be doing enough to keep people safe.  For example, courts in Philadelphia have spent decades ignoring a law designed to keep drugged drivers off the streets. reported that Philadelphia courts failed to notify the Department of Transportation about drivers convicted of illegal drug offenses. The chief deputy of the Philadelphia court’s Office of Judicial Records said that it “kind of fell through the cracks.” The failure to report the drivers meant that the DOT did not know to suspend the licenses of tens of thousands of people. In 2012 alone, 11,499 people should have been reported who were not. There is no real way to know how many people should have lost their licenses but didn’t because of the court’s oversight.

Some congested areas in the city with lots of senior drivers are also especially dangerous. CBS Philly, for example, indicates that Grant Avenue from Roosevelt Boulevard to Blue Grass Road has seen the most crashes involving seniors over 65 out of any highway in the city of Philadelphia.

Drugged and drunk drivers; speeding drivers; distracted drivers and drowsy drivers also help to make the streets of Philadelphia dangerous. Every driver needs to be aware of driver safety rules and should follow best practices for avoiding collisions. Perhaps Philadelphia’s low ranking on the list of safe cities will prompt motorists to start making safety a priority.

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