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Philly Pedestrian Crashes Often Cause Serious Injury

Feb 2013

On February 12th, NBC 10 Philadelphia reported on a pedestrian crash near I-95 Southbound. The Interstate was closed near Girard Avenue where the crash took place, which occurred around 6:30 a.m. The pedestrian who was struck by the vehicle sustained injuries from the accident, including a broken leg and a head injury. The driver who caused the crash remained at the scene to speak with investigators and answer questions. There is no evidence that alcohol was involved in the accident.

Our Philadelphia, PA accident attorneys hope that the injured pedestrian involved in the crash has a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, pedestrian crashes often cause very serious injuries because a pedestrian is completely vulnerable to the force and impact of the vehicle. We urge drivers and pedestrians to make sure they are aware of the risks of pedestrian crashes and to take the right steps to minimize the dangers of a crash occurring.

Pedestrian Accident Risks in Philadelphia

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere, in cities and on residential streets and, as this accident shows, on Interstates. While it is not yet clear why this pedestrian accident occurred, there are many common behaviors that increase the risk of a crash. In some cases, the dangerous behavior is done by the driver of the vehicle and in other cases the pedestrian does something to endanger himself or herself. For example, some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Pedestrians crossing in the middle of roadways where drivers do not expect them to be, or at areas other than pedestrian cross walks.
  • Pedestrians who cross when the traffic light indicates that they have a red light. Pedestrians must obey traffic signals too.
  • Drivers who drive too quickly, exceeding the speed limit or exceeding a speed that is safe given current weather, visibility and road conditions. Speeding drivers could lose control and hit a pedestrian or might not be able to brake in time to avoid a crash.
  • Drivers who are texting and driving or who are distracted and who do not see a pedestrian.
  • Drivers who are falling asleep at the wheel. These drivers might cause a pedestrian accident if they drive off the road and onto sidewalks or if they swerve as they are sleeping and hit a pedestrian. Drivers falling asleep may also cause a crash if they don’t see that a pedestrian has entered the street to cross.
  • Drivers who are driving while they are intoxicated and impaired by either drugs or by alcohol.

In this particular accident, the pedestrian was fortunate both because the injuries do not appear to have been life threatening and because the driver involved in the accident stopped and remained at the scene. In far too many pedestrian crashes, drivers will drive away after they hit someone, especially if alcohol is involved.

When a pedestrian crash does occur, it is important to determine if the driver in the crash did anything careless or negligent. If so, then the injured victim of the crash can take legal action to recover compensation.

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